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Last friday, I am very honored to be involved in my dear friend Darius Chang's studio opening in Taichung. This event had pulled together various artists that are scattering around the globe from divergent fields to reunite and revamp what has been know as the norm around this neighborhood on Guang Hui street. Attendants were asked to dressed up as a piece of art itself as a theme of the night, to celebrate art, music, fashion, literature, film and so on. Lots and lots of booze. Fantastic beats flew through background. From tales, personally I would not praise Taichung as a city with much endeavor over promoting its own culture and art opposed to the gazillion of talents here. Either something is absent, or there is just no transparency to it. That being so, you could probably ideate the rave of such occasion as someone is venturing this aspect of culture. And I am just thrilled to witness it happening! Coincidentally, when I spoke to Darius on her new studio, it actually sounded like we were echoing on this matter (see below). It was an eye-opening night for me. Let's cheers to that and to the upcoming event!! And the deal is you can always pop by as well, for more information: Studio 102 Facebook page

Q: What is the idea or the purpose you have in mind when starting this studio? 
And how do you envision it to go from here?

A: At first, we wanted to buy time to explore deeper in our field of work. It is tough for a lot of us, because in this capitalistic times, a lot of spirits are dying and although with passion, many may easily struggle to spare time and energy for creation. Hence, we've come together and build a space that allows us to focus on our dreams, visions, and perhaps, purpose in life. While pursuing that, we want to introduce a more open minded ideology into this city and encourage a more diverse art culture through an international crowd of brilliant minds. We will be working on group projects and events as a team while still keeping good time for our own development as individual. 

- Darius's portrait by Ainsley So
- Wearing ASOS dress & headpiece, Louboutin heels, Kurt Geiger accessories & red Chanel bag

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